For as long as she remembers Aban has been absolutely fascinated by different forms of visual arts including painting, photography, ceramic, kids book illustration, and decorative arts. As a child, she was fascinated with painting while studying secondary school at UAE she received an award as a painting artist. She received a diploma in mathematics even though she was fascinated with art then she started her artistic life by studying in painting and received B.A in painting, followed by an M.A in painting at Tehran and M.A in psychology at Urmia after which she started her career as a children arts educator and an art lecturer in university from 2008.
She established her art institute in 2010 that called Honaremoaser.
She participated in several international exhibitions, art fairs, workshops, expo and trainings.
Students of her institute are participated in exhibitions and received the award from Earthplaza Kanagawa international kids museum.
Now she is living in Urmia, works and lives with art gratefully she enjoys the teaching of art.


Welcome to Aban’s world


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SNAC TOP150 ARTISTS/ San Francisco


SNAC TOP150 ARTISTS/ San Francisco/ USA
Contemporay Painters of Tabriz / Tehran-Iran
EURO EXPO ART 3 / Italy 20018

Contemporay Painters of Tabriz


EURO EXPO ART 3  / Italy 20018

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